Changing the way You communicate



CO-SENDER is a multi-channel communication service, which helps companies boost customer engagement and loyalty and increase communication efficiency while reducing operational costs at the same time. CO-SENDER's mission is to enable our clients to become high-performance businesses.


Centralized Communication Management

Centralized communication management allows organizations to switch between preferred communication delivery types quickly, either by email or SMS. This creates a single customer view across all channels, which results in consistent customer experience across the entire communication field.

Integration with Entire IT Infrastructure

The CO-SENDER platform is fully configured to integrate easily with entire IT infrastructure and to concentrate all communication in a single hub. Provided API enables easy and reliable integration with a wide array of interfaces that exist in the IT systems across organization.


Advanced Communication List Management

Advanced contact segmentation and management gives the capacity to pinpoint an exact communication target and reach the required audience. Contacts in these lists can be segmented and communicated with separately in any way that is needed – by demographics or by any custom attributes.


High Scalability

Service is highly scalable and is able to handle any kind of traffic. We are able to provide a reliable service, no matter how intensive communication is – thousands or millions of messages per day. Service pricing is also flexible – you pay for what you use.

Extensive Reporting

Wide array of reporting information on communication campaigns provides insights on client behavior. You can get any kind of information about the outcome of a campaign – delivery and open statistics, click on link statistics, which include the specific time of an action. Based on that information, you can adjust your next communication campaigns and get closer to reaching your goals.

Responsive Design

We have created a responsive user interface so you can manage your communication from any device you like – a smartphone, tablet or computer. The user interface adjusts to the screen you are using at the time. The platform is cloud based so there is nothing to install. The only things you need are a device with a web browser and a working internet connection.



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