We PROMISE no corporate B.S., absolute Freedom of self expression and long therefore interesting Work Hours.

We WANT Ideas, Trust and Passion.
We BELIEVE that Experience comes with Time and Motivation to become better.

And if We work hard - We play hard!

Every project gives us EXPERIENCE, every business meeting – NEW INSIGHTS, every lunch break – IDEAS.
Today we are better than we were yesterday, so come see us tomorrow!

People come first. What's Important to You, Is Important to Us.

We encourage Culture that inspires You to be Your best. It's a Place where People feel free to exchange of Ideas, respect the Rights and Differences of others.

A Culture built on Collaboration and Innovation.

The only constant thing is Change. We adopt new Methods, Processes and Tools in our everyday Life to keep Our Competitiveness in front. Change without Collaboration isn't that easy. But with a brave Team and support from each other We implement these changes seamlessly.

Great benefits and competitive salaries.

One may think - if I work harder I must be paid accordingly. We agree! Everybody deserves a decent salary. But if You are over performing professional You may expect extra Rewards and Benefits. 

This will be Your Life Changing Experience.

No matter if it's a first time ever Job or continuous Career - Your Experience at ADDENDUM will be a Life Changing Experience. You'll learn lot's of knew things, meet wonderful People, explore Telecommunications Industry and Exploit all of You in Technologies. And this will shape You for a better You. 

Lot's of learning and professional development opportunities.

At ADDENDUM We foster Talents to learn and certify their Knowledge. Want to dig deeper in your field of Expertise? Or maybe want to get some parallel Knowledge for broader Understanding? It's all here, just make a Wish. 

A powerful Network of talented Professionals.

Networking is important. Expect to find new Friends, Peers in Your field of Expertise and People with alike Interests. Be open and Your Network will grow faster than You think. 

Knowledge You'll gain may lead You all Your Life.

Communication - was, is and we believe will be most important thing for People Interaction.  At ADDENDUM You'll gain in-depth Knowledge within Telecommunications Domain. And that Knowledge may go along with Your Career for all Your Life.

Empowering Balance of Freedom and Responsibility.

We think it's extremely important to give Professionals the right Amount of Freedom and Responsibility. And You know what - Our People love it. Ask Anyone in this Company and You'll find out this is what drives Our Culture.

No corporate B.S. We mean it!

It's like a Family. You follow Your common sense and are accountable for personal behavior. We will never put a ton of Rules to get You grounded. Feel free to create and inspire other People.

We work hard. We play hard.

Balance in Life is important to Us. We believe it's important to You as well. Sometimes Project Deadlines are super challenging and We must keep up to deliver Results for Our Clients. But We never forget to reward Ourselves. And that's what keeps Us going!

If We are ever confused if it's right or wrong We are doing - We stick to these core Values and follow Our Heart


PAY Attention









Be simple and friendly.

Dedicate personal Attention to Everyone: Colleagues, Partners, and Customers. Help Your Colleagues and You'll get Support when You need it.

We value long-term Relationships: listen, hear and always adhere to the Agreements.


Learn from Your own and Others' Mistakes. Today and Everyday. 


Stand up to the Challenges and conquer them. No matter what.


If You work hard you deserve it!

Once You join Our Team Your Days will never be the the same. We work in a challenging Environment and Everyday is full of something new.


Want to stand out of a Crowd? Don't miss a Chance - get certified! You can expect a great Backup and Support from your Colleagues. Everybody here loves to know more. And if You'll share Your new Knowledge - together we'll become even stronger!

The more You learn, the more You know and put Your Career on a fast Track.

No one should be left unattended. Especially those over performing Professionals who knows how it is important to deliver Results on Time and Budget. Be a Star, don't be shy, and Your Input will be reasonably rewarded.

Join the Company who cares about You!

Looking for Career opportunities with ADDENDUM?

Join our Family of passionate Individuals with lifelong learning streamline and hardcore skill set.

Open Positions

UX Designer

Vilnius, Lithuania

Enterprise UI Design



  • Excellent design and prototyping skills 
  • Hands-on Experience in Enterprise development Projects
  • Knowledge of best User Experience and usability practices
  • Ability to work under Agile/Scrum methodology

Business Analyst

Vilnius, Lithuania

Enterprise Product and Offering development



  • Excellent analytical and requirement specification skills 
  • Understanding of Enterprise product portfolio management
  • Strong communication competences
  • Ability to work under Agile/Scrum methodology

Senior Architect

Vilnius, Lithuania

Enterprise Architecture Design and Development



  • Excellent IS modelling Skills using UML and modelling Tools
  • Hands-on Experience in Enterprise development Projects
  • Knowledge of Industry's best Practices and Standards
  • Ability to manage Team in a collaborative Way

Test Manager

Vilnius, Lithuania

Quality Assurance for mid to large size Projects



  • Hands-on Experience in QA Methods and Practices
  • Practical Approach to Problem Solving
  • Attention to Details
  • Ability to manage Team in a collaborative Way

Lotus Notes Developer

Vilnius, Lithuania

Design and Implementation of various Business Processes



  • Strong Experience in Software development using Lotus Notes/Domino, LotusScript, JavaScript;
  • Experience integrating with DBMS, WebServices.
  • Passion to work under Coding Conventions
  • Experience working in enterprise environment - considered an Advantage

SharePoint Developer

Vilnius, Lithuania

Solution development based on SharePoint, .NET



  • Strong Experience in Software development using SharePoint
  • Experience working with Visual Studio
  • Passion to work under Coding Conventions
  • Experience working in enterprise environment - considered an Advantage


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