Even if You are Large You have to stay nimble

Communications Industry in the past Decade has experienced a vast amount of Changes. New Technologies such as 4G/LTE, Cloud, Social Networking, Smart Devices and ever-growing demand for Data transfer everywhere we go has changed the way we share and consume information. Telecom & Media companies understand that high Service Quality and Superb Customer Experience in this fast changing Environment is a key to Success.

Most of Our Professionals have either IT either Telco background and TM Forum's Frameworx shapes Us to deliver highest Quality Services for You.

Our extensive Knowledge of Business Process, Information and Application Frameworks mingled with Best Practices is a Key to Telecom & Media Company's success.

Our most recent Projects cover different Domains of Business Process Framework

Market/Sales Management Domain

Market Sales Support & Readiness
Sales Channel Management

Product Domain

Product & Offer Capability Delivery
Product & Offer Development & Retirement
Product Configuration Management
Product Performance Management

Resources Domain

Resource Provisioning
Resource Performance Management
Resource Strategy & Planning
Resource Development & Retirement
Resource Data Collection & Distribution
Resource Trouble Management
Resource Mediation & Reporting

Service Domain

Service Problem Management
Service Configuration & Activation
Service Quality Management
Service Guiding & Mediation
Service Development & Retirement

Customer Domain

Bill Invoice Management
Manage Billing Events
Bill Inquiry Handling
Manage Balances
Customer Information Management
Order Handling
Customer Management
Bill Payments & Receivables Management

Our most recent Projects cover different Domains of Application Framework

Market/Sales Management Domain

Campaign Management
Channel Sales Management
Sales Portals
Sales & Marketing Reporting
Contract Management

Product Domain

Product Catalog Management
Product Lifecycle Management
Product Performance Management

Customer Domain

Customer Information Management
Billing Account Management
Transactional Document Production
Collection Management
Customer Order Management
Bill Calculation
Customer Self Management
Case Management
Charge Calculation and Balance Management
Billing Events Management
Receivables Management
Customer Loyalty Management
Billing Inquiry, Dispute & Adjustment Management
Customer & Network Care
Bill Format / Render

Service Domain

Service Performance Management
Service Order Management
Service Quality Management
Service Problem Management

Resources Domain

Resource Lifecycle Management
Fault Management
Resource Inventory Management
Resource Test Management Resource Order Management Network Number Inventory Management Resource Performance Management Usage Management

Supplier/Partner Domain

Supplier/Partner Management
Wholesale / Interconnect Billing

Enterprise Domain

Revenue Assurance Management
Fraud Management

Integration Infrastructure Domain

Enterprise Application Integration
Business Process Management & Workflow
API Management

Some of Our Work Examples


Middleware Development:

  • Integrations using GlassFish, Tomcat appliacation server (Java);
  • ESB integrations using Apache ServiceMix;
  • Integration with Self-Service Portal. Design, Development and Support of WebServices, ESB adapters;
  • Integrations using Microsoft Application Server (COM+, IIS). IVR - COM+ Applications for Subscriber Data Management;
  • Integrations using Lotus Notes Platform.


Custom Service Development using Network Elements and Billing System:

  • New Service Implementation (voice, data plans, promotions, discounts etc.)
  • Mobile App (Android, iOS) to pay for third-party Car parking Services (Payments via mobile Operator, Settlements with Service Providers);
  • Electronic Signature Service for mobile Subscribers;
  • Integration with Spotify. Mobile Subscribers can order and pay for Spotify Services via mobile Operator;
  • Integration with third-party Providers of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Services;
  • Joint VPN Service for mobile Subscribers using Networks of several mobile Operators in different Countries.


Integration with Network Elements:

  • Home Location Register (HLR), Authentication Center (AuC). Integration of Subscriber Provisioning with Nokia HLR by using Fast Subscriber Management API. Solution was developed using IONA Orbix CORBA Client.
  • Mobile Switching Center (MSC) and HLR version upgrade. Network Equipment is upgraded in stages. Software was adopted to operate with two Versions simultaneously and Service to Customers was provided without Interruptions.
  • Home Subscriber Server (HSS). LTE (4G) Subscriber and Service Integration with Nokia HSS Network Element. Solution was developed to carry out MML Commands via Telnet.
  • Service Routing Register (SRRi). Mobile Number Portability Provisioning Integration with Nokia HLR Network Element. Solution was developed using IONA Orbix CORBA Client.
  • Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) CNDB. Integration with NSN CNDB System. Migration from that replaces the HLR, HSS, SRRi Network Elements. 
  • Inteligent Network (IN). Subscriber provisioning and integration with Nokia IN Network Element. Solution was developed using IONA Orbix CORBA Client.
  • InterVoice Prepaid Subscriber System. Prepaid Subscriber provisioning and integration  with InterVoice Prepaid Subscriber System. Prepaid Subscriber Lifecycle Management from Subscriber activation until Number deactivation.
  • Message Router (MR). Integration with SMS sending Network Element.
  • NTMS. Subscriber provisioning and integration with Nokia Terminal Management Server System. Migration of Provisioning to MobileThink Mobile Device Management System.
  • MMSC. Subscriber provisioning and integration with Nokia MMSC System. Migration of Provisioning to Acision MMSC System.
  • Blackberry. Integration with BlackBerry Service.


Telecommunication Event (calls, data transmission and other CDR) processing and pricing:

  • Mediation - Telecommunication Event collection from various Sources (MSC, third-party CDR, etc.), Processing and Conversion into the format required for Charging System;
  • Pricing - Telecommunication Event pricing according to Subscriber and Customer Payment Plans and Services.


Invoice generation:

  • Support of different Invoice types (Subscriber level, Customer level, Consolidated, Detail Invoice);
  • Invoice Design according to Customer Requirements (e.g.. by the Private and Business Customer Segments);
  • Invoice generation in various Formats (TXT, PDF);
  • Invoice Distribution by Email and other Channels;
  • Invoice generation Process Optimisation.


Postpaid Subscriber Lifecycle Management:

The Software is designed for Data and Service Management in Billing System and Network Elements. It includes all Provisioning Steps from the Subscriber activation to deactivation and  Number release. The main areas:

  • Subscriber activation in Billing System and Network Elements;
  • Supplementary (network) Service Management;
  • Data Service and Bandwidth Management;
  • Charging Service Data Management in Billing System;
  • Debtors blocking Process;
  • Credit Information Management;
  • Contribution collection, settlement to third-parties (Banks etc.);
  • Number portability;
  • Vacant Number Database;
  • Cleaning the Number from Network Elements.


Prepaid Subscriber Lifecycle Management:

  • Automatic activation and vacant Number (MSISDN) assignment;
  • Account Balance top up through various Channels (Self-Service, IVR);
  • Service development for Prepaid Subscribers;
  • Subscriber Disconnection at the End of Lifecycle.


Roaming Service Management:

  • Pricing, Settlement between Operators;
  • Data limit Management according to EU Requirements.


Billing System adaptation for Currency Change (Euro introduction):

  • Software development;
  • Data Migration.


Customer Loyalty Management:

  • Services and Proposals according to Membership Level;
  • Subscriber Data verification Services for third-parties. Integration with third-party Software.


Tool for mass Provisioning:

  • System allows to configure Actions, manage Subscriber lists, change Parameters and manage Services. The Tool performs Changes in the Billing System and Network Elements.


Local Breakout:

  • Implementation of Service enabling compliance with EU requirements. According to Regulation Subscribers in European Union Territory may enjoy cheaper Data Services.


B2C and B2B Service Implementation;

BSS/OSS Development & Support;

Business Process Analysis and Optimisation/Automation;

Enterprise Application Development / Implementation / Integration;

Enterprise Application Support & Maintenance;

Testing Services;

IT Resource Outsourcing.